Bangor Chicken Swap


9 Years
Jul 4, 2010
There will be monthly Chicken Swaps April - Sept the 2nd Saturday of each month for 2013 at the Bangor Maine Tractor Supply Company. For more info or online swapping please join the Facebook "Bangor Chicken Swap". Thanks all.
would you mind editting your title to have maine in it (makes easier for us to find local swaps if we know the state)
generally people will come set up with what they have for sale, be it adult birds, chicks or hatching eggs. people can come purchase, some times trade. there might be other poultry not just chickens (turkeys, guineas,ducks etc). at the waterville and augusta swaps people will bring other farm animals, piglets, rabbits, goats and equipment, saddles, carriers, cages. so it's just what people have to sell and it changes each time depending on who comes and what they have left to sell.
I am interested in this. Do people trade chicks and fertile eggs?

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