Bantam and Duck show in Clanton, Al


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Nov 14, 2007
Next weekend . It will be on Fri nite for a fun show and then Sat Morning. The fairgrounds in Clanton. Oct 17 and 18th
Wish you could make it.

I live just a couple miles from Petals from the Past!!! They are picking muscadines and figs now (you pick). I love everyone there and they know it all when it comes to gardening and have such a great variety of plants. The children beg not to leave when they go...wonderful place for families.

A matter of fact I'm going to try to get there tomorrow and pick up some lettuce seed to add to my fall garden. It is a must for anyone passing through. (I-65 exit 219 for anyone interested)

I have family in Auburn....the little town has really grown in the past few years. But it still has the small town feeling! Love those football Saturdays down there...

Have fun at the wedding!
Due to the distance for me i am just going to drive up Sat morn. I went Fri nite last year and DH and i spent the nite in Hotel. I think it will work out better for me to feed my chickens here and then leave and be back in time to close them in after dark.
Hi ya'll, would like to go to this, do you have the times when the show is and what is admission prices? Adult and children?
I hate I'm gonna miss this.
My Pastor is getting married on Saturday, and the rehearsal is of course Friday night.
I'm one of the groomsmen so I will be there.

Aww...we are only leaving here on the 20th for AL so we will miss it

Does anyone know of any poultry shows etc that will happen within a month of the 20th? I really want to see the American show birds, especially the silkies!
Thank you, Claudia! I love Petals from the Past, too, and the family who owns it. I used to work for Dr. Powell when he was here at Auburn- wonderful man.

I'm jealous that you live so close and can pop in to pick up lettuce seed, etc.!

I love Auburn. I came down here for college 25 years ago and stayed!

God bless!


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