Bantam Assortment - 3 days old - Local Pick up only

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  1. GardeNerd

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    Local Pick only- No Shipping

    Hatched on 7/20/11
    Assorted Bantams from Ideal Poultry
    all are vaccinated against Mereks

    4 or more chicks $2 each
    1 to 3 chicks $3 each

    Below is a photo of a previous bantam silver pencilled cochin I got from Ideal

    I ordered baby chicks for one of my broody hens from Ideal Poultry. The minimum for the special was 25. The chicks will be available for pick up Saturday or Sunday afternoon, this weekend.

    Please PM me if you have any questions.
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  2. GardeNerd

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    PM me to see varieties still available before hitting "buy it now."

    Here are the breeds available as of tonight:
    white cochin
    black cochin
    red cochin
    buff cochin
    silver pencilled
    golden sebright
    golden duckwing olde english (chipmunk looking)
    unknown buff clean legged is either bantam buff orpingtons or Red Pyle olde english

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