bantam attacked by somthing have a question.


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Last night I woke up at 3am to a bunch of squawking outside so out I went barefooted and ready to wrestle w a dog or fox. we have had quite a few attacks in the past yr. I didnt find anything cept for one of our bantys with a bloddy leg it didnt really look to bad not mangled or anything just missing the skin and a few small puncture wounds. The leg didnt feel broken so we cleaned it up she was pretty out of it last night. This morning she seems more alert but the leg is stiff and noticeably cold the other leg is warm. Could it just be swollen and stiff and would it being cild be a sign of nerve damage? Thanks for any help she is our nicest hen.
Were the puncture wounds deep? and what size were they? I'm thinking it could maybe have been a mink but it is very unusual for them to leave a live hen, even if a human were to happen upon them, They really don't care... Try to keep her confined. Make sure she has food and water and warmth ( but not too warm) most Bantams love to perch so you could try to encourage her to exercise her foot by coaxing her onto a pole or similar, even if you have to curl her toes around for the first few times but make sure you hold her or else she might fall and do more damage if you understand.
Its kind of hard to tell where the punctures are but one spot on herleg and then poss a few where her leg meets her body. Thanks for the info she is standing on her good leg but the bad one just lays there. And im not sure that I have ever felt a broken leg on an animal so im not sure that the leg isnt broken somewhere up by the hip its pretty easy to tell the leg and foot seem ok. The reason I say this is cause I watched her shake the bad leg and it just didnt look right like she didnt really have control of it from the hip down. She has been eating and I havent seen her drink.
It is good that she is eating. To be honest I don't yet know how to tell if the hip is broken either but if you go onto my album of embedded photos then there is a picture of my bantam Bump who is limping mysteriously. I don't know if I will get the time to upload a quick video of her walking but I can try if you like or maybe you could and I could tell you if it is the same thing. But rest, kindness, some gentle exercise and food and water are the only things that I can think of for you to do at the moment.
Thank you very much she is our first one we hatched our self from an egg from our other banty and she really is one of the sweetest. Thank you again.
You are most welcome! I am afraid I must warn you that it is possible that she may never have the use of her leg again but keep up with the exercises and hope for the best. You never know in a few weeks you might not even know she had a problem. Best of Luck!
Well after another 24hrs im pretty sure the leg is dead and starting to rot its black and cold and very stiff. I think she was attacked by a snake. Whats ur opinion just leave her be or puther out of her misery.
Don't sound nice. At this stage if you think it was a snake then I would do what you think is best for her. I didn't think of snakes before because there are no snakes in Ireland.
will you will have to decide
.I've seen one leg chickens get around just fine so its up to you rather or not you want to cull her. quite possibly she can adapt to one leg HOWEVER; if it was a snake the Poison just might continue to travel up into the body along with the necrosis. you will have to watch for that as well. if you decide not to cull you likely will need to remove the leg yourself. poor girl. if you want to give her a chance at life you will have to consider removing the leg. it might just be the kindest thing to do to cull her but its up to you. like I said. I've seen one leg chickens do just fine. ultimately its your of luck in what ever decision you make. God bless.

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