Bantam barred Rock plus a few mille fleur d'uccle eggs SOLD


12 Years
Sep 20, 2007
Marin, California
I will have about 8 bantam barred rock eggs available to ship on 4/7 also included in the order will be a couple mille fleur d'uccle (purebred) and if wanted some mille fleur d'uccle x belgian quail d'anver (these are probably the cutest babies I've ever seen) You can see pictures at

is $25 including shipping and handling

first person to write sold gets them!
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You guys should grab these. I got 10 barred rock eggs from Alyssa and all 10 are about to go to the hatcher with live chicks inside. Great shipping. I am very excited. Will keep you posted. May get more later on. Definitely need some of those d'uccle eggs once the incubators are not so full.

I'm not sure if this was the response you were looking for
But, if you are ready to trade eggs, now is a good time for me
I was going to get 8 BR Bantam eggs from you, and I believe you wanted d'Uccle eggs from me...
Did you add this to the Feedback thread?

I wish I could take some, but with 70+ quail eggs coming this week, and Mille Fleurs next month, I think the 'bator will be tied up for a while.

Not that that's a bad thing, or nuthin...
I did list her on that thread. I am so excited to hatch these little fuzzies. Would get more but I too have alot going and more on the way including 2 doz buttons and some serama from Frank!

I have not even been able to hatch any of my own lately due to trades and a few sales. And of course all the broody silkies and letting them hatch babies. I really would like to pick up a few older pullets but can't find any locally.

I will want to get more later on and try some d'uccles too. I will let you know. Have you candled the eggs from me again? How are they coming along?

wish I could but I better not. Just spent money on the new bator and all the eggs I have coming. And I will have so many eggs already. I wish I could help you out though. I just put the others of yours in the hatcher. Will keep you posted. You might email jmhappycowboy. He is not always on here but checks email. He said he thought he might keep the few he hatched before (he was going to give them to me) so maybe you have him hooked???


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