Bantam Brahma?

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    I was wondering what Bantam Brahmas personality was like? Are they sweet, do they make good pets, do they like to be held? Are they skittish?

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    Thanks, that link helped a lot!
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    In my experience, they are a wonderful bantam breed to start out with! Bantam Brahmas made up most of my flock this spring and summer, but I have since down-sized, and had to give away my rooster and his four hens. I still have the three of the pullets that I hatched this spring.

    I chose them originally because I was in 4-H, and wanted a small, easily tamed bantam for showmanship. They are quite tame and friendly if handled a lot as chicks. My first batch- my roo and his 4 hens- were wonderful in 4-H, and I won some breed catagories, even though they came from a local hatchery. Personality-wise, these chickens were less willing to come up to me on their own, but once they were held, they calmed down and enjoyed neck scratched. My rooster did have a nasty habit of attacking any large, human male who entered the coop, specifically my dad. [​IMG] He never attacked me or my mother though...

    In the spring, I hatched some of his babies, and luckily, the three that I hatched all turned out to be girls. These three ladies quickly became my favorites, and since I handled them constantly, they are immensely friendly, and love hopping in my lap for treats.
    They are also not above flying onto shoulder and heads of me or unsuspecting friends, but I may have trained them to do that....[​IMG]

    My Brahmas are good layers, and this year, the pullets laid up through December, and my older girls are still laying well in their new homes. They are not very violent in my coop, and my Brahma rooster actually got along fairly well when I had a Barred Rock cockerel and two Polish roosters.

    Here's my favorite pic of my two bantam Brahma pullets from this spring!
    What do you think they're thinking?
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    Thanks if we get more chickens we will definitely get some of those brahmas!

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