Bantam breed that lay the least amount of eggs


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Jun 25, 2010
I want to raise some batams and was wondering what breeds lay the least amount of eggs. I'd be ok if they just a layed a couple during a breeding season, but thats it. For me its gonna be a hassle to look ofr eggs everyday as I will be free ranging them. Thanks!
Well, silkies are always broody, so they don't lay that many eggs... Some of the really small or micro Seramas don't lay many eggs either, since their bodies can't really support making many. It seems the more dainty and delicate the chicken, the fewer the eggs. But the dainty and delicate ones aren't probably the ones you want for free ranging. They can be easy targets for sure.
Just dont hunt eggs!
There's no rule saying you have too, and get the ones you like.
What few I free range just lay where ever, if they hatch some, cool, if not, oh well.
The two mentioned are some of the lowest layers in my experience. But silkies are flightless, and not good for free ranging due to that.
Most all will lay at least 50-75 eggs minimum per season, so I'd just get whatever I liked and let them go....

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