Bantam Chick Breeds


Oct 8, 2017
I have three varieties of bantam chicks and was hoping to figure out what they might look like as adults. Here are some pictures of each kind.



I have five total of these, with varying amounts of light and dark on them.



Six total of these. Are these Old English Game bantams? If so, will they all be the same color? I'm having a hard time figuring out the varieties of those. The feathers coming in aren't all the same colors even though their chick colors are mostly the same.



Three of this kind, each with varying amounts of white.

Any help would be much appreciated. :D
I can't guarantee all of the breeds since you probably have to wait till they feather out but picture #5 and #6 looks like a golden laced Wyandotte bantam
Thanks for the input! The bottom ones definitely look like those golden sebrights. So the white and black ones and the chipmunk ones are all OEG bantams of some sort? Any way to know what they'll look like, or is it just a crapshoot until they're older and feather out?
The bottom two are gold laced Sebrights . Are all chicks the same age. Please post new photos when they are fully feathered out - about 8 weeks old. Thank you
The third and fifth chicks pictured are a week older than the others. I have half and half when it comes to ages.

Are the ones colored like the first two silver sebrights?

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