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I took some advice from other BYC members about getting another bantam friend for the one I have already because she was been bullied and not aloud to eat or even roost at night she had to sleep in the nesting box. So got the new bantam she is 2 months old I have her in a pet carrier in the run to get use to the big girls. But the dominant one keeps pecking at the box and this morning I left the others out in the garden and left her in the run she went mad running up and down the side of the run then the dominant one noticed her and was doing her best to get in and peck her theirs a big difference in size and she would kill her. The other ones have no problem with her they don't,t take any notice. Should I give her back before something bad happens or persevere with it. Can someone help
I suppose your right when she gets broody she gets so annoyed. Its hard to get her out of the coop and she is the only one we can,t touch she runs away the whole time where the others sit down and don't,t mind been rubbed she,s turning into a very cranky lady. The others don't,t mind the new chick they,re going up and having a look just been curious. I,d hate to see her go when we have her since she was 3 mths why she turned out like this I don't,t know
OK so we have put our new bantam in the rabbit hutch so she has more room and somewhere to hide. I,be also introduced her to our 1 yr old bantam that is the lowest in the pecking order every thing grand I,be only seen her peck twice at the newbie which is going to happen. But still don't,t know what to do with the dominant girl. The little bantam got out of the big run yesterday and the Cry's out of her because the big one caught her and started pecking like mad luckily I was in the garden and pushed her away but the little one was terrified I had to use a net to catch her because she was so afraid. She loves my daughter because she gives her cuddles and she falls a sleep on her lap so I can,t give back the chick as she will be heart broken so what do I do? This is Kiev the moody aggressive one she is what you all a hybrid she moulting now but still laying a bit odd but won,t complain

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