Bantam Chicken Flock!

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    NO SHIPPING. Sorry I have to put a price there but NO SHIPPING.

    There are about 14 chickens in the flock. Some full grown hens and roosters, some cockerals, some pullets, and a couple non-sexable (too young) they are cochin mixes, EEs (a couple blue egg layers and a couple olive eggers), and there are two D'Uccle mix roosters. The whole flock is 75.00 I would prefer to send them all to a new happy home at once. These will make a fantastic starter flock, or a flock for someone who wants free rangers, these have been free ranging for most if not all of their lives ages range from 2 years to one month. Many are unrelated. I want to get rid of this flock asap, I love my birds but I am getting out of bantams with the exception of silkies and polish. Thanks for looking and PM me with any questions.

    you can see more picture on our website


    D'Uccle mix roosters and EE hens

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