BANTAM COCHINS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is one of my hens, I call her Sable.
I will!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cochin bantams! I have 55 and will have about 150 by summer. I will be breeding these and silkies, but the cochin is my #1 fav!

I have almost every color and hope to have them all when Im done putting my breeding flocks togather. Im revamping my barn to house them and also getting some chicken breeding condo coops for when breeding for certin colors. I cant wait till spring!

This is my youngest hen. She hatched back in May of last year. This is the second time she's tried brooding a clutch. We had some unusual cold recently, and I put a towel around her to help keep her warm. I have not had much luck with my Bantam Cochins. Out of four nests I have three that hatched.


On Sunday the 12th one peep hatched. By Tuesday morning there were 10. Not bad for a clutch of 13 eggs.


This is "Mom" I call her Sweetie Pie & one of my older hens, Sassie. Sassie helped raise Sweetie and she is an "aunty" hen. She doesn't set eggs but is happy to help with the peeps.

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