Bantam Cochins-Frizzled

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    Jun 16, 2009
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    I have two bantam cohin babies. The father is a black bantam cochin and the mother is a blue frizzled cochin. One is definitely frizzled. The other is just beginning to get its feathers in. Not sure if it will be or not. I don't think it will be, but we will have to wait on the feathering. They are $5 each. No shipping this time of year.

    They were hatched on 1-12 and 1-18. They are almost 2 weeks and 3 weeks respectively.

    I can bring these babies to Morganton provided you can keep them warm. I will have a light hooked to a marine batter. If you want to pick them up there, you may also do that.

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  2. Colie <3

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    Feb 3, 2011
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    I would looovvvee these if you could ship this time of year, probably not huh? [​IMG]
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    I know this has ended, but do you have pics of the parents or what quailty were the parents?

    Let's face it, if you bring them to Morganton I will have a warm box for them until I take them home.

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