Bantam cockrels worth eating?


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Feb 18, 2010
I want a flock of bantams for eggs,( I live in the city limits) but can only get them straight run. I have experience with the quick field dressing of a pheasant(breasts only). Anyone ever try this with a bantam? thanks
Just kill more of them for a meal is all. Any chicken is good. I like bantams. I have a few smaller araucanas. I ate my extra roosters. I mean, what else you gonna do with them? If you want a happy, productive flock, you have to kill the extra roosters to save on the feed and save on the fights. Just do it. If you like them, go for it.
Why not use the whole bird? Just like you would a Cornish game hen? They'd be about the same size. It just seems like a waste not to use what you can. People eat whole quail, not just the breast. They're even smaller.
I don't do processing / culling but if I had a chicken that small in the freezer I would roast it then throw it in a soup pot.
Heck I made soup with 3 leftover spicy bbq drumsticks and a bantam would have more meat than that. (was good too, added carrots, celery, daikon (like a turnip), can of kidney beans and some spicy steak seasoning, it was enough spicy smoky chicken soup for my family of 3.)

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