Bantam Ducks?? Pointers?


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8 Years
Aug 13, 2011
So I saw some cute little bantam ducks at the state fair last year when showing chickens. I have been considering getting some. Does anyone have any idea of good breeds?? I am a chicken girl and have only every had a few ducks. So I dont know much about raising these small duckies. Any information will be helpful :) Thanks.
I'd be a breed you like. Calls are nice but fairly loud. Black East Indies seem to be less noisy and have beautiful plumage. Also Silkie ducks are becoming quite popular now
calls ae the eaasiest to find.
but bantam ducks are loud.
just as messy as normal sized ducks.
diffucult to hatch.

and good quality calls can cost quite a bit.

but i love them . wouldnt trade them for any other breed

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