Bantam hen and standard hens?

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    Feb 6, 2016
    I have a silkie bantam hen who use to have a silkie rooster adn they all got along with our standard hen and rooster although the bantam rooster would stay out of the way of our big rooster there wasnt any issues with them living together. Recently our bantam rooster passed and our bantam hen has been alone since she usually free ranges alone and doesn't seem to follow our flock of standard chickens and she usually eats and does everything alone now that her mate has passed. Since my chickens are free ranged I usually lock her up in her own space due to her not having a rooster to protect her or any other hens that will eat with her and i dont like the idea of her out in the feild by her self especially since shes a bantam and we do have small hawks here although they never mess with our standard hens they have tried to swoop down and take the chicks. So I was planning on getting about 3 more bantam hens and a bantam rooster and I was wondering how can I get the standard rooster and bantam rooster to get along or should I get a bantam cockerel instead? Thank you
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    I would separate the bigger rooster from your bantams if he is causing trouble
    And get a bantam rooster for your lonely bantam hen


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