bantam hen sitting on eggs question


Apr 20, 2019
AR - OZARK Mountains
I guess this is where to put this question, although I'm not incubating.

I have a bantam sitting on eggs. The other day, she kicked at least two eggs out of the nest and we found a dry half shell as well.

I don't know what day she started to sit but I estimate it has been about a week.

My question is can I or should I give her probiotics, electrolytes or nutradrench while she is sitting? I have all three. If I should give her the first two, can I combine both packets so she gets both at the same time? This is a first for her and us so I would like to keep her stress level as low as possible.

Thank you in advance. You all always have the best info and answers. :bow
You don’t need to give her anything special. Probiotics and electrolytes can be mixed, but it’s not necessary. I do like to give the chicks a little probiotic for a few days once they’ve hatched but that’s just a personal preference.
Also, I would suggest you candle the eggs she’s sitting on and pull out any non viable ones, and if other hens have access to her nest mark the ones you’re letting her hatch and check every couple of days to take out any additions. She may have kicked those eggs out because she either has too many or they were duds.

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