Bantam hens and young chickens are my young chickens pullets or cockerels?


Jul 13, 2022
So my husband and I went to a local farm auction and bid on 2 sets of chickens 1st set was 3 youth chickens possible pullets and 3 gold laced bantam hens(they are beautiful) the bantams are definately more mature and are well taking a little longer to seem comfortable with their new home. They have yet to spend a night inside the coop. Their "run" is actually an entire area next to my garage is all enclosed and there is no way for predators to get into it so I feel they are safe however I do hope they will eventually go into the coop at night by the time winter rolls around. So my most important? Here is about the 3 youths I got 2 black and white that look very similar and another completely different looking one. Of my black and white ones 1 send to make a cock a doodle sound but not like my nighthawk roster which I had thought was actually younger than mine. Well other than the one making that sound the 2 of them are all over the place with this bounce flying type movement they don't send to bother too much with the banyan but they always wanna be the first to eat and they both kinda come at each other I have heard that some hens will fight to be the alpha hen and since they don't get to the food then hang back to let the rest of the flock eat, I feel they may be hens and not roosters but I can't be sure. Here's some pics of my flock.


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