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    Jul 11, 2011
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    I posted this twice in two different forums..not sure the right place..

    I figured that if I got a variety of breeds, some might lay at different times or go broody at different times so I would eventually always have some eggs. All of them are Bantams, and I am ok with a smaller eggs, but figure I might want a few more than normal just to make up for the size a little.
    Here is my line up and what I have seen listed as their egg laying average:
    Araucana 2
    Araucana 2
    Cochin 2
    silkie 1
    Barred rock 3
    Brahma 3
    Wyandotte 3
    Welsumer. 3
    19/2=approximately 8 standard eggs..

    Since they are small I am assuming that is the equivalent of 8 standard eggs a week.

    I was just feeling nervous, like I should add a really good layer or two to fill in the gaps in case the planets don't align and I have 4 roosters and four broody hens... I started itching for a Leghorns and or Rhode Island Reds...Any thoughts?
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    Apr 16, 2011
    I kept a flock of 4 New Hampshire bantam females and they kept me in eggs except when they decided to set.

    Most of your dual purpose bantams will lay a decent amount of eggs.

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