bantam peacocks?

Unless you are going to somehow stunt them physically (which does not change the genotype), you will need a dwarf mutation. That is a chance thing with any organism, so unless someone discovers that sort of mutation and propagates it, I think you are out of luck.
I have seen a dwarf male. At age 3, he had no train, but at 4, he seems to have one starting to come. He is approx 2/3 size (maybe a bit less?)
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what about runts? i get runts in chickens. could i breed a smaller variety of peacock using runts?
the problem with larger peacocks is space. i want a peacock flock that can fit on almost any property.
Solution :
1 - expect .... THE spontaneous mutation one on millions of birth.
2 - a genetic transplantation ... long time .... lots of money !
In the genome of Chihuahua find the gene responsible for dwarfism and inject them into the genome of the peacock.

or ....


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