bantam pullet with wound and lice and sneezing/congested


12 Years
Dec 8, 2007
Efland, NC
I have a sweet bantam pullet who is having some issues, that I am trying to figure out if they are connected or just simultaneous. I have had her for three months or so, and she is about 6 months old. She has been sneezy since I've had her, but seemingly no other symptoms so I haven't been very worried.
Yesterday while she was preening I saw a strange large scab on her back. It turns out there was a scaly scab with a wound underneath that was attached to her tail shaft. The scab was almost off, I removed it, and with it her entire tail, poor thing. There was a wound underneath, and lots and lots of lice. I put some antibacterial salve on the wound, and dusted her with a permethrin dust. Today she is bright, but there is some congestion to her sneezing. Probably this is due to the dusting.
Can lice cause such a wound, or they were just attracted to it? Would anyone connect all these symptoms or just see them as simultaneous isues?
I was going to put out some garlic and yogurt for her to boost her system. And continue with the antibacterial salve and redust in several days.
Does anyone have any other advice or ideas? thanks!


I know feverish scratching at the lice can cause such a wound.And if they can get under the scab they will.
Maybe get some pour on ivermectin. That's what completely destroyed all of my bug problems. Haven't had an issue since.
I hate using it, but all of the organic ways just did not get rid of the buggers...
I dont think the lice caused the scab directly, but I do think they were the indirect cause of it.

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