Bantam Roost?

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    I'm converting an old play house into a coop for my new bantams. I only have 5 right now, and the play house can hold a max of 12. How much roost space would 12 bantams need. At the moment I have 2 pekins, 2 silkies, and a sebright.


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    Sonja, it has been years since I've had bantams but I think that 12 inches is a rule of thumb for standards. I know that 10" of roost is sufficient for my laying hens but they are cozy on those boards.

    If we figure that a bantam is 1/4th to 1/3rd the size of standards (and error on the side of "a little more rather than less"), then bantams should need 4" to 6", but that's a guess.

    I've had a sebrights and we had black pekins when I was growing up - fun [​IMG]!

    edited: 5" x 12 bantams = 60"
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