bantam rooster seems upset


12 Years
Aug 20, 2011
I let my flock out today, one 6 month old bantam cochin and 4~5month old hens from little roo just clucked and chirped and walked around the run for an hour or so..he seemed distraught. The girls didn't seem to care whatsoever. just wondering what could have been troubling him. there were no hawks or any other dangers I could see...thanks for any insight:idunno!
His role just went WAY upwards in responsibility by your letting his hens out to range freely. From your description, he was probably trying to call them back to where he KNOWS it's safe. (Chickens don't take change very well - it takes some time for them to get used to new things.)
sorry, i didn't word that well! They have been out together for 2 months the girls were by the coop and he kind of wandered around the grass looking bewildered and clucking ...
OK mabe his roll is changeing. Your chickens are maturing. With him being a month or two ahead of the pullets he may be trying out his other rooster duties. It sounds like he may have been looking for tidbits for the hens, but not knowing what he was looking for or why. Instincts don't always kick on, some times they need to warm up. When you give them treats does he check it out, mabe call then wait for the hens yet?

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