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Mar 29, 2014
Baker, California
I recently recused a Bantam rooster and the people that I got him from kept telling me that he was worth a lot of money and that I was getting an amazing deal. I paid $5 for him but he got me wondering what kind of rooster did I get so some help will be appreciated. Thank you.
He is a little rough, He was in a pen with a Rhode Island Red rooster and while I did not see the other rooster being mean or rough, I am going to assume that is why some of his feathers are messed up.

Wow you do seem to have gotten something special as this little rooster has "silkie feathers". He's got silkie blood somewhere in there. I'm not really an expert on this, but I think it takes a couple of breeding genarations to get a rooster that does not look like a silkie, with the silkie feathers.
Thank you guys so much I had a friend telling me it was a japanese bantam but that did not feel right I am in agreement with you guys that he is a silkied Serama.
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