Bantam vs Large Fowl size difference?

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    Mar 6, 2016
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    My name is Lisa and I am a new chicken addict,

    So when I look at my ten assorted breed chicks, they are all catagorized as large fowl, but there are amazing size differences at six weeks old.
    My question is, what is the criteria for large fowl vs bantams? I assume it is by weight. Are certain breeds just bantams, depending on who the parents are? Are they categorized as they fall, so to speak! Is it by weight? Less than x lbs equals bantams? What if there is breeding of bantam and large fowl, in the same breed? How would you distinguish the chicks?

    I have two Choc Orpingtons and one Rhodebar who look like they are twice the size of other "large fowl" breeds I was sold?


  2. bantam chicks are tiny in comparison to large chickens, and there are breeds like a silkie. a silkie is a bantam breed, or there are breeds like an orpington which you can get in normwl size or you can get a bantam orpington [​IMG] the little white one is my silkie rooster and you can see how much smaller he is than my buff orpington hen and red sex link hen

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