Bantam with Egg Yoke Peritontis


8 Years
Oct 9, 2015
My poor girl. She was pretty sick I took her to the vet 3/18/17. She was diagnosed with egg yoke peritonitis. Was put on antibiotics, with pain and anti inflammatory medication. She actually got better. Now she is sick again. This time I put her in a cage, with the antibiotics just for her now. Also giving her a very small dose of aspirins. I really hate to cage her I feel so bad about it, but I cannot give the other chickens the antibiotics Also they have a huge yard to run in and her being sick I do not want anything to happen to her.. I have to soak a small piece of organic bread with the antibiotics so I know she is getting it. She seems to be some what better at least she will eat the bread, when I put her in the cage she would not. I gave her some watermelon she ate that also. I read that flax seed is good for this condition. I also read that baytril can cause your chicken to become infertile. I do not care if she never lays another egg just want her to get better. I have changed the food to high protein, mixed with layers pellets. I also just wormed them on the herbal formula from Molly Herbs for worming. I tried theoregano that did not work for her. Maybe she was not drinking I am not sure. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you
Well just a update on my bantam. Her tail is lifted this morning. I am trying to study on how to prevent this from happening again. I will let her back with the other chickens today. I really felt bad putting her in a cage in the house. Her waddle had stayed the same color. I did not let her get that sick. I try to keep a eye on them, to see any changes.I will add some probiotics that I bought at Tractor Supply today in the waters for them.

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