Bantams and standards?


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Is it ok to mix bantams and standards together? I have 2 2 weekold bantams and 5 standards 3 weeks old... the feed store said they'd kill the little ones
depends on how BIG your areas is.. i have a fenced area about 150 feet X 250 feet with several nestboxes and "houses" i have all different birds together,, aprox 15 STchickens about 25 banties, 2 turkey, 3 guinea, 8 geese... with NO problems
i think if you have them in a coop/run the big birds would pick on the banties

i do have an OEGbantie hen that INSISTS on being in the same coop/run as the ST. OEG chickens(7 ST. oeg).. it is an area of about 20 feetX 35feet?? ish.. with only one house.. everytime i put her back in with the banties she finds her way BACK in with the ST.OEG.. and she holds her own... never had a problem with her either..
Things should work fine for you just like in any pecking order. Expect that the little ones will be more of a target for the bigger standards, however, they'll work things out. My whole flock is a mix of banties and standards and they co-exist well. I DO notice that the size diffeence splits everyone up more though. (Bigger birds with bigger birds, smaller with smaller.)
I don't know if I'd put them together now. The standards are probably much bigger than the banties. Although I'm use to japanese bantam chicks which are nearly half the size of most bantams anyway. You could try it if you have a big brooder and just remove the bantams if they seem to be stressed. Eventually once the bantams are big enough if you have a large run or free range it does work. I have 2 bantams out with my standard flock right now and some of those standards are huge. I plan on adding a bunch more when the bantam EE in the bator finally hatch.
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Thanks, when i got up this morning one of the BO was in with the bantams- no harm done, and the bantams had slept quieter last nite- wonder if maybe they want to be with the big girls? i will watch them today, and see how they interact... still not sure if either of the bantams are roos but the standards are supposed to be pullets...
I introduced two standard half-grown girls to my tiny flock of four banties and the girl banties are mean to the standards. The banty rooster loves them all.
I am finding it depends on the individuals - - and the particular breeds, I suppose. I have one feisty little bantam cochin who is a bit much for the other banties, but she holds her own just fine with the big girls. I agree with sandypaws, though: you will want enough room for everyone to be able to move about without being on top of one another (always a good idea anyway).

The only thing I am not a big fan of is standard roos over bantam hens. There is a potential for injury there.

Good luck, and please keep us posted on what you decide and how it works out!

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