Bantams for sale, lower south west Michigan


Spear Gunnin' Coons
12 Years
Feb 17, 2007
The following are for sale. The Black Roo and his ladies and the
Brahma Roo and his ladies sell, each, as a group only. Thank you for
looking and please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Black Bantam Cochins

1 Roo, hatch date 3/07 MM

3 Hens, hatch date 3/07 MM

1 Hen, hatch date 9/07 from above parents

All of the above are from BLUE breeding.

MR. BB and his 4 lovely ladies $40.00

Pick up only.

Light Brahma Bantams

1 Cockerel, hatch date 9/07 Ideal

1 Hen, hatch date 3/07 MM

4 Pullets, hatch date 9/07 Ideal

All of the girls are laying.

MR. Brooster and his 5 lovely ladies $45.00

Note, The girls are missing a few feathers and Brooster lost his tail
feathers when a marauding roo took over his condo.

Pick up only.

Red Bantam Cochins

2 pullets, hatch date 9/07 or there abouts, both laying $5.00 ea. fr. my red pen

2 cockerels, hatch date 1/08 $Free fr. my red pen

Partridge Bantam Cochins

4 pullets, hatch date 9/07 Ideal $5.00 ea.

3 pullets, hatch date 1/08 $4.00 ea. fr. my partridge pen.

Pick up only.

All birds are healthy.

Pick up in Springport, MI 49284

email [email protected]

Sorry, I do not have a camera.

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