banty 3 month old chick swelled abdomen updated! help!


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Apr 7, 2007
i have a brood of 3 month old chicks i hatched my self i picked one up and its abdomen is very swollen and is laying down alot. i just noticed this and i went to hold her and every couple of seconds i her a distinct "click" in her body its not her heart beat and i have no clue what to do for now ive put here in a kennel in the house all to her self.
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she is still eating like a champ and drinking regularly but she is having alot of difficulty breathing and goes through fits of shaking her head and yawning the swelling has reduced a little bit put is still noticable i have no clue what to do she is in the house right now if anyone has any suggestions please help.
My pigeons 'click' when they have labored breathing. Do you think she could have been injured? Maybe an air sac rupture? You could try giving her some vitamins in her water. Is she constipated?

You could try her on a medication, but itwould be a shot in the dark.
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