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Jun 24, 2013
This afternoon whilst I was filling water up one of my bantys had a really strange turn. She starting whizzing round and round in circles. It lasted for about a minute. She then stood in one place for about 15 minutes and didn't move. She was breathing very heavily.
I have just checked on her again and she has moved into a nest but is stood up. She looks to be clenching her bum. I can only see her from the back and I don't want to disturb her.
She was fine yesterday she hasn't been I'll and no other chickens have any illness. She is with another hen and two young. Anyone know what it could be?
I've just been to check on her and she seems to have a pulsating area on her neck to one side. Never seen anything like it. Would being bitten cause something like this?
Yes, for sure. Sounds like a sting or bite. I'd give her a large dose of vitamin C, a thousand mgs or so, that gets into the bloodstream and destroys toxins, venoms, etc; should take care of it, it's been used against snakebite, poisoning cases, etc. But if you feel inclined going to the vet may be worth it, though if it were a serious issue chances are she'd be dead already. Doesn't mean it's not worth stopping further damages from occurring. She may develop a cyst there depending on what happened; it may also recur every year if certain spiders caused it.

Best wishes.
This morning went down to check on her and she had buried herself in some straw. I got her out and her eyes were closed not moving but she was breathing. Took her to the house so she was warm and because I didn't know what was wrong have her some baytril which was only thing I had. Kept her warm. After a few hours she seemed to perk up a little, lifting her head and her breathing not quite as laboured. I have kept her in the house tonight so that she is warm. One eye is now open But she isn't walking around. Hoping she will be a bit better tomorrow. Where can I get vitamin c and how do i administer it? Can I put it in water but she's not really drinking! Thank you for your help.
Also I removed everything from the hut she's in at night which is where it happened and I found a frog/toad. Don't know if it could be that. There was three other bantys in with her and they are all fine. I have removed the frog.
Hmm, sounds pretty serious. You can get vitamin C from most supermarkets, any pharmacists or chemists, produce stores, etc. Lemon juice also works but many things have vitamin C in them; ideally you need it unsweetened, and in raw form for best effect. May be worth a vet visit if you can afford it (not many can so don't feel bad if you can't).

Ascorbic acid is vitamin C, many people particularly those who bake have ascorbic powder in their cupboards. For administering medicines to them, when you want to make absolutely sure they drink it rather than putting it in their water or food and hoping, I use syringes without needles, makes it a lot easier. Those cheap single-use ones are easiest to use, also easily obtained from pharmacists etc. Learning to tube them would be worth it since that eliminates risk of getting it into their lungs.

Extra calcium sources will also be necessary due to the toxins, as the body uses calcium to bind toxins securely.

Best wishes with her.

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