Banty vs standard roo- who will do the deed with who?


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I have a banty roo (mille fleru d'uccle) and a standard roo (buff orpington). I have only noticed the banty trying to do the deed with the standard girls and the buff only trying to do the deed with the banty girls. If it helps with this equation, the banty roo seems to be the dominant roo. The buff roo acts more like the banty's henchman. He's not right bright, that big ol' buff boy.
So my question is- Can the banty roo actually get all the appropriate boy parts to interact with all the appropriate girl parts on a standard hen or is he too small. So far he's only managed to grab their neck feathers and hang on as they've slung him around.

Question two- Can the buff orp get his boy parts to appropriately interact with banty girl parts? He's a huge boy (about twice as big as the standard girls). The banties are a mille fleur d'uccle, a silver sebright and two silkies. The silkies are a decent size, but that d'uccle and sebright are pretty tiny. The one time I caught him trying to do the deed all you could see was a very disgruntled mille fleur head poking through his chest feathers. He looked like he was sitting on the ground.

While I don't intend to hatch anything out, I'm kinda curious as to how the genetic mixing might happen. Also, if a hen can hold sperm for 30 days, what happens if both boys have their way with her? Is it then just whatever swimmer makes it in first?

I'm afraid I'm not all that up to speed on chicken love...
I culled my standard cockerel when he did that to my banties, they sure didn't seem to appreciate it. I have heard rumors of banty roo's being able to accomplish but have no further experience to share, hope other can help more......
I've got some Bantam Cornish, and they (bless their hearts) try to get the big girls. Alas, the big girls are Brahmas and are BIG girls so the banties haven't a prayer. I've seen one roo bite the girls neck, but he was hanging over on the side - not able to get on her back
? It was very comical, but not for him. My standard roos don't seem to care one way or the other about the banty girls. Almost like they're not even there - poor things! Actually, I haven't really seem the banty roos too interested in the banty girls, either
... kind of strange!
Mine has had both standard size hens and bantams... He is a Very talented white cochin bantam, All the hens love him. All he has to do is dance around them and they bow to him LOL. He had 2 ameraucana hens over winter last year and just for fun i hatched 2 blue eggs and got 2 EE's with feathered feet (unfortunately both roos and standard size)
Hmmm... so opinion is mixed. The banty does grab their necks and hang on sideways. It is hysterical to watch, but I'm pretty sure ain't nothin' getting fertilized that way!

If any of it becomes a problem I can seperate them into differnt coops/run. So far all are getting along so I hate to seperate them. Plus they all free range together when I am home. Seperate free range periods would be a pain!

I haven't seen them dancing for the girls yet (or I haven't recognized it as dancing...). Mainly I just hear disgruntled squawking and look around to see attempted action. They'll be 20 weeks old on Monday. Perhaps we are just acting like teenagers.
I do not like it when my standard boys go after my bantam girls. Generally the ones that do it end up being eaten. The bantams could get seriously hurt by the weight and the nails of the rooster. A full size orpington would break a bantam's back.

Yes, a bantam rooster can fertilize a standard hen. I've had it happen between an OEGB rooster and a black star hen, then an OEGB rooster and a cubalaya hen, the progeny of both matings are running around in my yard.
Hmm...Interesting post.

Seems that we've established that a banty roo can successfully mate with a large hen.

What about a large fowl rooster? I don't have any banties, and I don't know how small they really are. Could the big guy really do serious damage to the little ladies? Anybody else had this happen? If so, why don't we hear more about it? Sounds very bad...

As far as a hen being mated by two different roosters, seems to me that each egg, or each chick, would have a chance at having a different daddy. Is that correct?
I hereby testify that a banty rooster is one of the most fertile creatures on Earth. I have one that is 8 years old (Japanese Grey bantam) and he mates with all my standard and banty hens. Sometimes my standard babies come out with little white tips on their wings and I know he was the cause !!! They are usually a medium sized chicken.

The standard roos have actually killed some of my banty hens by popping their necks when trying to mount them.
Acckk!! I don't want my banty girls smushed!

If the banty is the alpha roo, will he be the only one that gets to mount the girls? Kinda like in a wolf pack where only the alpha mates? Or is it every roo for himself out there and they will do the deed willy nilly?

Boys are difficult...
Isn't that just like life?

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