Barbie is nearly bare. Any help appreciated

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    My 2 yr old BO lost many feathers to a rough rooster about 5 mos ago. I have done everything to help her grow back her feathers - extra protein, special avia nutrients. She's got a bare back, head, and edge of her wings. The new roo is quite easy going and is not being rough. Every few days I give her wet cat food to help out too. I've kept treats to a minimum.

    Any other ideas [​IMG] I'm concerned as the weather is getting cooler now.
  2. Tuffoldhen

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    Jan 30, 2007
    I always take the rooster out of the pen when I start seeing that happen or you could seperate her into a large cage where he can't get to her. Sometimes they have favorite hens that take a beating.

    Try finding a chicken apron or saddle to put on her. I have read where some just use duck tape cut to fit the back and wing parts and that falls off as the new feathers come back in.
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  3. hinkjc

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    You could try a saddle too. My roos have favorite hens and they always look the worst, regardless of how many girls I have with them. Those girls are quite used to wearing their "little dresses". Sometimes the feathers come back in underneath the saddle and other times it doesn't grow back in until they moult.

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    May 25, 2008
    Because of 'bare-back' problem, I separated one of my hens from roos a 2+ months ago and she hasn't been growing feathers back much at all, either. I even put a saddle on her for a while, too, to check and make sure she wasn't reaching back and picking out new feather growth (I've heard of chickens doing that before). It appears she's not picking at herself. But she's still very bald.
    Last year she got somewhat barebacked, but grew feathers back quickly after I put a saddle on her. I guess this year her body is doing what hinkjc mentioned and waiting for her to moult before regrowing feathers. It's kinda sad to see her bare patches and sometimes they get sunburned. But she has pullet friends with her and lots of coop and run area to enjoy while she's recovering.
    I'm glad to hear others also caring about their hens' challenges [​IMG]
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    Thanks all. I guess I'll put her apron back on her and also the duck tape on her wings. Tape has been coming off quite easily.

    Jody, My BO roo (from you) is sooo sweet and gentle that I don't think he's been creating any additional problem for her. Before I got rid of the other roos, Barbie would hide in the woods all day. Now she's totally relaxed and hangs out with all the gals ... and still laying regularly.... wish she'd stop and put the effort into feathers.

    Off I go to cover her up. Thanks so much.

    Any other food supplement ideas? Oh I give her eggs and shells mixed in too.
  6. Aisle12Farms

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    May 27, 2008
    Duct tape does come off a bit too quickly. We used Gorilla Glue Tape (available at most big box/hardware stores). It does a much better job.
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    Southeast USA
    has she had a molt this year?
    is she laying regularly?
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  8. McGoo

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    has she had a molt this year?
    is she laying regularly?

    Nope - no moulting, but yes laying regularly unfortunately. Actually, maybe she is moulting a bit right now. Hard to tell when she's so naked. [​IMG]

    Duct tape does come off a bit too quickly. We used Gorilla Glue Tape

    Thanks. Next time I 'chicken' tape her I'll have that on hand to use.

    Right now Barbie has on her apron and her wings are taped. My dh said I should make her a polar fleece vest for winter [​IMG] Hope she fills in by then.​
  9. the1much

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    medicated chickstart for 2 weeks!!! i was surprised when i moved my bald lady in with the chicks and she'd been bald for 4 months,, i even seperated her from the roo's,, and no good,,,but she got with the chicks eating their starter,,,and bango,, she dont have 1 feather outta place now. [​IMG]
  10. sis

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    Jul 16, 2008
    Why would we put DUCK tape on a CHICKEN? lol

    I couldn't resist........

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