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Mar 30, 2014
We recently acquired four young americaunas - about six weeks old, I believe. We had them together for a while, but two of them were getting picked on, so we separated them for a few weeks before moving them outside. When we moved them outside, we noticed three of them have no feathers on their backs. One of them is perfectly fine, but the other three seem to have almost completely bare backs. I checked them thoroughly - no signs of mites, lice, etc...they're eating and pooping just fine, seem to be very active, normal little chickens.

Any suggestions on what could cause this? and anything we can do to prevent this or help the feathers grow back?
One or more are probably pecking the feathers. Perhaps it's the one with no missing feathers. Look at your feed to check to see that you are feeding at least 20% protein chick starter. Make sure they have plaenty of room, and provide some amusement to prevent boredom. Things like big rocks, little roosts, hanger feeder stuffed with kale plus some chick sized grit available. Spray the bare areas with BluKote or apply some Nustock or bag balm.
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They were all kept separately - there's no way the other chicks could have done it. We moved them outside with plenty of room now, but I'll check their protein level and make sure they have something to keep themselves occupied
Their food is 18% protein - is there something that we could supplement it with a bit until this bag runs out and I can get a higher protein food?
Do an experiment... Get some 5% Sevin powder or poultry (DE does_not_work), line the bottom of a box with white paper towels, generously apply dust to bird, place bird in box, cover box, then come back in 30-40 minutes and check for bugs, I bet you'll see some.


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