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    Was looking for Dri Stall or Stall dry or the like in lieu of straight up DE and my feed store had a product called Barn Grip. I was told it has a mixture of lime and some type of sand. I read the package and there was a warning about silicates causing lung disease. Anyone have any input? Doesn't sound as safe as Codex Foodgrade DE. What exactly is in stall dri products?
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    Stall dry is DE and small amount of clay. That's it, nothing else. It is safe for animals and humans. It's just in tiny pellet form.
    The only DE I would NOT use, is the stuff from pool places. That stuff is chemically treated, and toxic.

    I forgot to add...You can get stall dry ( stall dri) from TSC. It clearly lists the ingredients on the back of the bag. (There is only two) It also says on the front, safe for all animals.

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    I LOVE Stall Dry. Started using it when I had horses.

    Now I use it in the chicken coop. I sprinkle down a thin layer when I add a new bag of aspin shavings.

    Smells good and helps to keep the coop dry. I'm in wet n moist Pacific NW. Below is a link to the stuff I buy at my local feed store.

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    Stall dry is DE and clay. The stuff you have is not DE. It's lime. Which can help odor and wet spots some. Our stalls have crushed and packed lime as a base and we use barn lime all the time to fill in dips that have formed in wet areas. The stuff you have is safe it's just not the same thing. All silicate based sands have to have that warning on them but unless you're trying to sand blast with them (which you wouldn't cause that would be stupid) or moving large amounts in a way that gets it into the air it won't cause you or the animals any harm. I've used silicate based sand for gerbils to dust bathe in and in the bottom of fish tanks. Most DE products actually carry the same warning. It's not good to breathe little sharp particles of dust into your lungs no matter what they are made of.
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    thank you all so much for your knowledged input!

    edited to ask,
    so this product is more for odor and wetness and providing sure footing (grip). Not as much as a pest control (except for the fact that it helps keep down odor which I assume means less advertising to pests) It doesnt seem to have the benefits of DE...

    I haven't bought it yet, was just checking it out. Think I will check out other places this weekend for Stall Dry or Dri or similar products. I did like the fact that it has lime though - I had a few spots of spilled feed in the yard that got moldy and read that lime was good treatment.
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