Barnyard Babies, any ideas what kind they came from?


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My son goes to a preschool program on a farm and we took home some eggs to incubate. The black chick and white chick both hatched out of blue eggs, the reddish out of a peachy-brown egg. I know that one of the 3 roosters on the farm is black. We had so much fun hatching these babies and we're interested in learning more about them!

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Most likely if the two came from a blue egg they are an Easter Egger which is a cute nwme for a mixed breed that lqys a colored egg. They might be an Americana but with your comment about the typec of farm they are most likely a mix.

Maybe someone else will weigh in on an opinion.

At any rate, they will be fun to see how they grow out. Have fun.
Chick 1- Easter Egger since it came from a blue egg. Looks like she has some Silkie in her.
Chick 2- Easter Egger.
Chick 3- Either a Rhode Island Red or Buckeye. Could you get a closer picture of her comb?
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thanks for the replies! I'll try to take a picture of the reddish one that came from the peach egg today, the black one being part silkie would make sense since my son says the black rooster on the farm is "a soft chicken." I know that the hens who lay blue eggs were ordered for their breed since the kids thought having blue eggs would be fun, maybe the moms are americauna? I'm so new to this!

Is it that when any two breeds cross with a blue egg layer they just become an Easter Egger?

The breed doesn't really matter to us, although figuring it out is fun! We're excited to have been able to hatch them for my son's farm school! We ended up with 15 pretty little chicks, and we're hoping to keep 3 at home and raise them for eggs. Having colored eggs would be fun for the kids, so I hope the cross breeds lay blue!
Yes the Easter egger is when one parent lays blue eggs (or carries that gene, which is a dominate gene)and the other parent lays or carries brown egg gene. Their offspring lay green eggs
Then the silkie amerucana would lay green eggs, but won't be silkied because the silkie gene is recessive
I have some new pictures :)
I figured that the third in the last set of pictures was a Rhode Island Red (I had some known-breed eggs set along with some unknowns)

Here are some new pictures of these mixed babies as they've grown.
Both of these came out of blue eggs (I'm learning about Easter Eggers, thank you!).

As I'm learning more I'm thinking the white one might be a frizzle easter egger :)

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