Barnyard Duck hatching eggs

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    Apr 1, 2011
    Southern Maine
    Pen consists of : Pekin, welsh harlequin, khaki campbell drakes
    Black swedish, rouen, welsh harlequin, and khaki campbell hens

    All of the hens and drakes are purebreeds.

    The ducklings could be a mix of any of those, or they could be purebred campbells and harlequins

    Price is .50 per egg, flat rate shipping of $14 for as many eggs as I can safely fit in the box (usually only 12).

    I mark the boxes properly and package eggs the way I would want to receive them. Due to post offices and the way packages can be handled, I am not responsible for damages. I will, however, work with you if you receive broken eggs. I want you to be happy with what you get!

    My fertility rate this spring has been 90-100%, with a 90-100% hatch rate every time.

    PM me or respond to this. As soon as I receive payment, I mail out a fresh batch of eggs!

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