Barr Rocks it is! Now where should I find them?

Discussion in 'Chicken Breeders & Hatcheries' started by Just reebok, May 18, 2012.

  1. Just reebok

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    So - I'm reading everything I can online about hatcheries.. and there are so many out there!!! I've decided that I want to get Barr Rocks for my first chicken and only want to order 3. Yes.. teeny, tiny flock I'm aiming for - I know. So, what can you recommend for that breed? Some of the places have minimums of 15 or so - I only want to raise 3 hens. TIA!
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    did you get your answer on this one? Check out They have the ability to ship smaller orders of chicks. If you have a feed store near you, or if you can find some in the buy-sell-trade section of the BYC forum...presto -- you will have your chicks.

    Good luck with starting your flock. BTW 3 is an excellent number.
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    I got mine the past 2 years from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio who supplies many of MyPetChickens chicks. They will ship as few as 3-4 chicks, but the more you order in multiples of 5, the less the shipping costs. Mine have been correctly sexed as pullets and healthy.
  4. Just reebok

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    Good to know! I had someone really recommend the Orpingtons as a great kid-friendly bird - so now I'm torn. I *really* like the black Orpingtons and the barred rocks.. Decisions, decisions! I am definately looking at the My Pet Chicken website though. :)
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    Mpc is the BEST
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    Jul 26, 2012
    I love orpingtons (i have a buff) and barred rocks! be warned if you're ordering chicks, they CAN die. I ordered four from MPC and 2 died so i ordered for more and 2 died AGAIN! it's rare, but it's something that you have to know can happen if you order. MPC is the best though.

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