Barred Plymouth Rock roosters - friend or foe?!


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Aug 25, 2009
Quebec, Canada
So the dramah continues...

My little Betty Boop, flock nutcase and punching bag since the day we got her, has been living a lie all this time... I just found out this morning I have another tranny roo in the coop!

SHE is a HE!

I would appreciate some help and input from the breed experts...

This is what Betty looked like when I got her on July 14th, any idea how old he was at that point?


This is Betty yesterday:


So far his behavior as flock victim hasn't changed, I haven't heard or seen him crow or even attempt to, most of the hens (who are all older) chase and/or peck on him and he's very flighty and nervy, a super wuss.

My question is: do you think he will change and become aggressive with his mates when he matures and grows older? Or would his personality stay more or less the same within the flock?

I worry because I already have two silkie roos (yep, more tranny surprises... sigh) and they are much smaller than Betty, I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt or shredded.

And I love them all, it would be horrible to have to rehome one or more of them!

Please help!
My Barred Rock Algernon - the first, was a GIANT and yet rarely ever fought with any of the other cockerals or roos. Some are just more mellow.

I have right now, a Delaware Cockeral, a Splash Sizzle Cockeral, a Blue Birchen sizzle cockeral, and a Black Rock Cockeral - Armageddon (Army). He was a "stealth" roo, looking like a hen for so long I was expecting eggs when he suddenly sprouted sharp hackle feathers LOL. He won't fight anyone, no one is interested in fighting him.

The Sizzles fuss but don't fight much - what are they gonna do? Find a squirrel to beat up?

The Delaware WILL do dominance stuff but hasn't injured the other lesser birds. Though in the Banty pen fenced off is a Serama Roo he wants to teach attitude lessons to and I might let him - rotten little scoundrel that Saul is. Saul thinks he's Large Fowl, when he could do battle successfully with a house mouse.

Roos vary but I've had very good luck with Rock roos. Let him grow out, if he turns to damaging them, give him away, someone will love him for who he is.
Generally, I adore BR roosters. My main one is a BR and I still have his brother. Their father was a gentlemanly type and a real sweetheart. Barred Rocks are my choice for the main flock rooster, though, I may change to a Delaware rooster after my Dutch is gone since I really love Isaac, my Del cockerel.
Temperament is heritable to a degree, but individual differences may create a super aggressive BR rooster.
Thank you for your input, you guys are great

I will cross my fingers that Betty (he will have to live with his girlie name, LOL) will stay mellow and out of trouble... I would have to have to rehome him

Any idea how old he might be, from the photos?!
About 16 would make sense if he was about 4 weeks old when we got him mid-July... At what age are they considered mature and fully grown?

Apologies for the stupid questions, I am new at this
OK so the next few weeks should reveal Betty's outcome then... does he stay meek or does he start to want to breed!

thanks again for everything!

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