Barred Rock, Dominique or mix?


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May 15, 2014

Can anyone tell me for sure it this is a Barred Rock, a Dominique or a mix? Also, is it a boy or a girl? the guy I bought it from told me she was a Barred Rock and that it was in fact a girl but I have my doubts. When I got it about 5 weeks ago, I was told it was about 14 weeks old. I have caught it trying to mount the other hens several times in the past week or so.


Looks like I will be rehoming another roo. Maybe I will get lucky and the guy I bought it from will trade even for a hen. I'm not holding my breath though.

I actually bought 2 so I wouldn't have a lone bird, if I get rid off the roo, will the other one be a solitary bird in the flock? As it is right now, my first 5 and second 4 stay in their own groups and the 2 new ones stay together.

Agree it's a cockerel. At 14 weeks, several folks on this board could have told you the gender and spared you the issue of rehoming or getting a refund. You might consider posting pics of a bird you're interested in buying before you close the deal, just to double check gender until you have a better eye for it yourself.
What are the telltale signs? The guy I bought them from seemed pretty knowledgeable about chickens as he breeds them so I thought I could trust him.

How old would you guess he is? He is a bit smaller than most of my other chickens that are 21 to 24 weeks old. Could he be a bantam?

I would have put it in the 4ish month age, right now. Although that doesn't match with trying to mate hens, at least in my experience. My guys at that age still act like babies.

On a barred bird, the first telltale sign is the overall color. The lighter color means male, as the double barring gene means he has twice as much white as the equivalent female. Besides that, the size and color of the comb, possible presence of sex feathers, leg thickness and overall stance all contribute to sexing a bird.

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