Barred Rock Gender?

Chick CJ

13 Years
Dec 27, 2009
Looking for gender of Alfie, a barred rock hatched on Dec 9th, 2009 so 12 weeks old tomorrow. Alfie gets (her) name cause she is always looking around as if to see what's happening and it always makes me think of the song; "What's It All About Alfie"!

Thanks, CJ



pullet, only because the comb doesn't look big enough or red enough for being that old.

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goodness, that's a tough one. everything but the comb says rooster to me.

my 7-week old barred rock pullets have bigger combs than that.

She's a purebred?
Pullet. Her neck/saddle feathers are round and she has almost no comb. Her coloration is more like that of a rooster but the other indicators are all pullet.
The coloring says roo, but the comb says pullet. Usually with barred rocks the ones with more white than black are roos. So now I am stumped. lol pretty sure alfie's a pullet
Well, I don't know if she is pure, most likely not. The girl I got her from just mentioned her barred rock rooster. She has over fifty chickens so her mother could be almost anything! She has no comb at all really, it's very interesting to me. Thanks for all your replies! I got five chicks and only three are remaining so I am hoping they are all girls!

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