barred rock genders????


9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
these are my two that came out of the pullet bin, they are six weeks old. i was disappointed about 3 weeks ago when i posted them and was told i have a pullet and a cross dresser (cockrel), but i just saw a three week old cockrel on here yesterday that looks NOTHING, like the one i have that everyone said cockrel. so im reposting and keeping my fingers crossed. im sorry about blurry pics, but you all know they dont sit still.

heres the one they said was cockrel at three weeks.


and pullet at three weeks


and now at 6 weeks

supposed cockrel

supposed pullet

and both (pullet on right in both pics)


thanks everyone for the help
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Look like girls to me. It's hard to see if they have the dark wash on the fronts of their legs, but their combs aren't showing any color. I think my BR pullets are around 13 weeks and they are finally getting a little red in their faces.
I thought BRs were considered an autosexing breed cause you can usually tell them apart from the size of the yellow blob on their heads when they're day-olds? In any case, going by the wing feathers and the tails, I'd say you've got one of each. The first one definitely looks like a little man to me.
Both pullets. My cockerals had more developed combs at that age. Plus the coloring doesn't look light enough for a cockeral. Here's my cockeral at about 6 weeks. (on the left, obviously)
Just went back and looked at my 6 wk. pictures. Your guy/gal in question does have more white than my BR did at that age, but I'm still casting my vote with pullet. My girls comb looked better developed than his/hers. Mine also has a wash of black down the front of the legs, which I see on yours.

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