Barred rock is really sick,

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  1. SongnDance

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    Nov 19, 2014
    She is walking like a penguin, her butt is a bit red. Unfortunately I believe she will pass to chicken heaven soon. She has been slightly sick for several months (maybe 8-10 even) and is just getting worse now. She has had a soft and more pinkish than red comb. She has had liquid poo. Not eating as much, but still eating.

    My chickens are fed an organic diet. No others seem to be affected. No antibiotics though. Bought my chicks at local country feed store. They are 2 1/2 years old now.

    Does anything sound familiar to anyone?

    Thanks for listening.
  2. SongnDance

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    Nov 19, 2014
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    I would need Eggcesive or a other full of posts person to come and comferm this but it looks like rye neck, I have felt with it can the chicken speak? if the answer to that question is no then it is rye neck, rye neck can be treated by keeping the chicken hydrated and given it molasses, the chicken should be separated, Keep us posted if that is true and I wish you the best!
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    In the third picture, is she just picking at something, or is her head stuck down or spasming? That one picture does resemble torticolis or wry neck, but if is just a one time thing, then it may not be that. I would worry that she may have egg yolk peritonitis or internal laying with the penguin walk, especially if it has been ongoing. Egg binding can also cause that, but you can check inside her vent an inch or two with a rubber glove for an egg. She also may have vent gleet or something else intestinal that is going on. Worms can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain. Valbazen is probably the best dewormer since a 1/2 ml dose given orally, and repeated in 10 days will treat all chicken worms, and it is very gentle and safe. If she is having wry neck, then put her on poultry vitamins right away, and offer her some scrambled egg daily for selenium. Here are some links for you on egg yolk peritonitis, vent gleet, and wry neck:
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    Nov 19, 2014
    thank you, I believe it is maybe Vent gleet also sometimes referred to as cloacitis or thrush is a fungal infection involving the digestive and reproductive systems
    can vary from case to case but include
    -white discharge from the vent
    -missing or soiled feathers around the vent
    -sour crop
    -red or swollen vent- can be bloody if severe case
    -loose stools
    -decrease or cessation of egg laying
    -decreased appetite or increased appetite
    -loss of weight
    -Whitish patches/lesions in the mouth
    -pasting of vent feathers
    -swollen bloated abdome

    or Similar to egg binding, Peritonitis (an indicator of internal laying),
    ...but havent seen yolky color stool...though she hasnt been laying eggs due to being sick...maybe she started with vent gleet?

    • Yolk colored feces
    • Weakness
    • Loss of appetite
    • Lethargy/Depression
    • Swollen & spongy feeling vent area and/or abdomen
    • Respiratory problems
    • Fluffed feathers
    • Penguin stance; abnormal waddle

    I am a single mother going to school, I dont have any money for anything extra, and if it is peritonitis then it might be at a "too late", her penguin stance is pretty rough...she is so weak. I am taking her to the humane society, they are waiting for her arrival.
    Thank you all for your help.
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    Nov 19, 2014
    she is just pecking at food in that picture
  7. cafarmgirl

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    Is she swollen in her lower body/abdomen? She definitely looks uncomfortable.

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