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    Jan 9, 2014
    I have 10 barred rock hens. Five of them are about 3 yrs old and five are just about 7 months. The five young birds are laying everyday, but the older five only lay a couple of times a week. I got barred rock because they are suppose to be good layers, but not these birds. I had six birds until last winter when one of them was killed by neighbor dogs that got in our chicken run. The girls didn't lay for a long time and I understood that. But they have never gone back to laying everyday again. What can I do to get them to lay again or do I need to get rid of the old birds and get new ones? Can someone please help.

    I know that if a bird lays an egg in the yard, they will all eat it, but they do not eat the ones in the nest. I am wondering if they might be laying in the yard and then eating the eggs, but I go out several times all day and I don't see any sign of eggs not even the slimy insides, which would stay on the ground.
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    You seem to have a bit of misinformation that you are working with, and that may be leading to some of your frustration. Egg eating is not about where the egg is laid. Eggs laid in the nest can be eaten just as readily as those laid elsewhere.....and, can just as easily be left alone whether in the nest or the yard.
    While BR are good for production, the three year old birds are at a point in their age where production slowing is to be expected. What part of the world are you in/what is the current season where you are?
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    I am in N. CA and it is early fall, but this egg problem has been for a long time now. I am not misinformed about the egg eating. I have witnessed the girls fighting over an egg that was laid in the run, but they never eat the ones in the nests. So that is why I was thinking about the egg eating thing.
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    Egg eating habits can vary can daily egg production vary in individual birds and genetic lines of any breed.

    Your older birds may have slowed production for a number of reasons, some of them uncontrollable by humans.
    Shortening days/molting is at the top of the list this time of year. Stress from the attack, extreme weather, new birds added to the flock, etc can also be factors.

    Presenting more, detailed, information about how you house, feed and range your birds might help folks help you find an explanation and/or solution.

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