Barred Rock Pullet Limping for no Apparent Cause

K-12 Chickens

9 Years
Oct 6, 2010
About noon, I noticed one of my Barred Rock pullets limping on her right leg. She's perfectly healthy and ready to lay soon. I can't find any external injuries and haven't felt anything odd (protruding bone, etc). Could this be a sprained leg or pulled tendon?
The limp is still there, but last night she jumped up on the roost and this morning she was already on the floor waiting to go outside.
I recommend that you lower roosts to 20"-22" above flooring if you havnt done so already. You can place her in a cage or crate with feed and water. Limiting her movement will prevent further injury and heal quicker. You can crush several vitamin B complex tablets into powder and sprinkle it on her feed. The vitamin B complex may help speed up recovery. Do this for 5 days , then release her and see if there's improvement. If not, put her back in the cage and continue the vitamin B complex treatment for another 5 days. If there's no improvement, stop the vitamin treatment, but keep her caged until there's improvement. Leg injuries take time to heal; sometimes a week, a month, or never. Then it becomes a quality of life issue.
I've had this happen to a couple of my BR's on occasion, jumping down from a high place in the yard. Eliminate high places they can jump down from. Mine recovered fully while caged.

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