Barred Rock - Pullet or Roo?


6 Years
Aug 7, 2013
Western Massachusetts
OK. Need some help here. I've posted both on the Barred Rock thread and the raising baby chicks thread and get mixed opinions.

This is my 4 week old Barred Rock. She was sexed by Meyers as a pullet but we'll see. Up until 4 weeks all signs pointed to pullet (dark wash on legs, early tail feathers, pretty solid dot on her head as a tiny chick, currently pretty dark feathering). But at 4 weeks I noticed her little comb had pinked up just a tad. It didn't stay that way. Seems to come and go. And she has little waddles sprouting. I did compare to my Golden Sex Link of same age and it doesn't look any different.

Here she is at 3 weeks

And here she is at 4 weeks

Any thoughts? I had heard barred rocks were pretty easy to sex at this age but....

The coloring says pullet so far but I would keep an eye on that comb. If it keeps developing quickly like that, then you may have a boy with poor coloring.
I think that it is a pullet, based off the coloring (males would be lighter). However, "she" may turn out to be a "he" if that comb gets larger/redder!
Really no big change in a week. "She" is now 5 weeks. The comb doesn't seem much bigger and hasn't gotten any pinker. It does seem to get pink when "she's" been running around a lot.

And her comb is almost exactly the size and color of my Golden Sex Link.


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