Barred Rock Roosters or Hens


Jan 13, 2016
Madison, TN
We hatched 2 Barred Rock babies from hatchery eggs and 1 possible mixed Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red mix from our neighbor. The mixed egg was the only one left when his chickens were attacked and killed, so he gave it to us to raise. We need to know if the 3 birds are roosters or hens. Any advice? The mixed baby, Little Bit, is in the top photo, then Gracie and Stripes, our Barred Rock babies.
We also have a Golden Laced Wyandotte hen, two white Silkie hens, a white Silkie roo, a black Silkie roo and 2 Black Astraulorp hens. They are all about 3-4 weeks old now.

They are a bit young yet. The first bird appears to be getting pink in its comb, so possibly a rooster.

Hello all. Here are the updated pictures of the babies. They are around 5 weeks old and 6 weeks old now. Nobody is showing any signs of crowing. The older they get, the more alike they look. What do you think? Roos or hens? Thanks.
Agreed. The cockerels will have more white in ther barring and develop combs/wattles that turn red much earlier than pullets. Definitely two cockerels and a pullet.

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