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Nov 8, 2012
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I just this past year received 3 Barred Rock Bantams, so I brought them to my 4-H fair.I have two hens and one rooster. I had participated in showmanship for the first time and won Grand Champion Poultry Showmanship, First Place in Novice( 1st time at showmanship people)category, Grand Champion Hen, and Reserve Champion Rooster!I then went on to the Round Robin category where I had to show a chicken, rabbit, horse, goat, pig, and lamb ( and only had one day to learn it all!) In the end of the Round Robin, I won 3rd place out of 6 overall.I was hoping that I could receive some info about the birds and hopefully use the gained knowledge to successfully do well next year as well as help others on BYC. I am joined this forum to gain more knowledge on chickens.I just created a profile so if you could help me out, my profile is Amanda4414.

Included are some pics of my chickens

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