Barren Chicken?

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6 Years
Jun 7, 2017
My question is, how long do you wait before you consider your chicken barren? We have an Asian Blue chicken that is almost a year old and she still hasn't laid any eggs for us. She's "nested" since she was about 6 months old but never leaves an egg. Normally our chickens free range but we did keep her in the run for a week to make sure she wasn't hiding them and nothing. Since she's almost 1 yr old do we just give up on seeing any eggs from her?


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Be patient a while longer. She has a nice red comb indicating fertility. Check her pelvic bones on either side of her vent. If you can fit two fingers between them, she's ready to lay. The days in the northern hemisphere are still growing longer, if that's where you are, and maybe she's just waiting for a little bit more daylight to trigger the laying hormones.

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