Bath Time - Size Doesn't Matter?

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    Odd Couple in Dust Bath

    The little one is Cream. She is a Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch Pullet. She just turned a year old, but this pic was taken about 6 weeks ago. Technically she was still a pullet. Her coloring is splotchy, because alot of new feather have come in after surviving a hawk attack 3 months ago. She is from show stock, but I haven't taken the time to really judge her good and bad points. She weighs a hefty 14 ounces.

    The Roo is Jerry. He is my very gentle SQ Standard Black Cochin. He is a light 14 pounds. Most Roos I would not trust to not try and mount little Cream. Jerry is a gentlemen and does not to mess with girls that are not his or too small for him. The other 3 Dutch girls go in and out of his lot at will. None of the Cochins pay them any attention.

    This was a freerange day, so everyone was out in the 1 acre backyard. I took another pic of Jerry when he got up. There was a 3-4" deep crater under him.

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    THANKS for sharing!! what a good pic!! i love the lil one!
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    Jack Sprat and his wife!!

    I love this shot of them!!!
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    Quote:good analogy

    the pic is so cute

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