Bath Time

urban escapee

8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
Alvin, TX
I have 2 five week old blue splash marans in a brooder box that I keep in my bathroom. They are at just the wrong age to mix with my 3 month olds and 7 month old ladies. Yesterday they decided to explore the world around them a bit. One flew up to the top of the brooder box, just perched there looking at the world. I put her back down where she belonged. Later I was running into the bathroom, unbuttoning as I go (kinda in a hurry). I hear this paniced peeping when I rip open the door. One chick has flown up to the top of the laundry basket. I look around wondering where the other one is. She isnt on the floor, worried that she has gotten stuck somewhere I turn around and there she is, sitting IN the toilet just kicking around wondering how to get out. I yelled for my husband knowing he would get a chuckle out of it....he did. Then he promptly rescued her and said, " Keep the lid closed, and they got outside tomorrow" I was just glad it was a fresh bowl :)

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