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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by shicken1icken, May 29, 2017.

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    Nov 28, 2016
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    OK so this is my first year owning a flock. And my question is obviously about bathing the hens. I have never actually bathed the them. I have wipe them down with a warm cloth with Teatree oil and that is all. Any suggestions on bathing them. I live in a very warm area so I think a bath would be nice for them, in general, as well as a Nice cool down.
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    Chickens don't bathe in water they'll dust bathe I cool down my dust bathe area with water and then they come running that will cool them down, sometimes they'll bathe where the misting system wet the dirt too. Here's a video that I did on my dust bathing girls
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    Teatree oil isn't good for them.But cool dirt/mud where they can roll around is.
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    Left to their own devices, chickens will not bath in water. There have been times when I have bathed them purposely to remove caked on mud or blood. Care was taken to ensure water warm like bath water and bird has warm dry place to dry off with ability to move in and out of bright light. Light can really speed drying process.

    I placed bird in water so it could stand, the splashed water up under and onto its feathers. Wings opened and swished about. Same with tail. Hackles most difficult.

    Use of detergents / soaps can speed process but also remove oils making for a ratty appearance upon drying. Even without soap you can have a ratty appearance. After bird is dried I feed it lots of oil rich food items like BOSS. It takes a few days for natural sheen to be restored. Flight capacity will also be degraded during that time.
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    I don't completely understand what objective you have in mind. Do you wish to bathe a chicken because poop has encrusted feathers that preening and dirt bathing has failed to remove? Or is your objective simply to cool them?

    @centrarchid's method is what I use to wash badly soiled butts or a chicken who happened to get pooped on from above.

    As far as bathing to cool a chicken, I've dunked a stubborn broody in cool water to wet her underparts to cool her hormone levels. Otherwise, providing chickens cool, damp soil or sand is a good way to allow them to cool themselves as well as dirt-bathe away grime on their feathers.
  7. centrarchid

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    Sep 19, 2009
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